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Some of the most successful companies in the world started in someone’s garage or basement. Tella-Tech is another of these classic American stories, having begun in a small backroom of an orthodontist’s office.

The orthodontist’s son, Jeffrey Frantz, didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps, instead studying law and accounting, becoming a CPA and holding a MBA and JD with a Master of Laws degree in Taxation.

In 1992, after practicing at some of the world’s largest law firms, Jeffrey took over his father’s business at a wonderfully opportune time. Leading shaving care brands were coming out with pricier multiple-blade razors and shaving systems with replaceable cartridges. Many consumers became disenchanted with the perceived benefit for a higher price.

The oral care market as well was glutted with unjustified prices and few choices outside of the same old mega-brands. These markets were ripe for a streamlined manufacturing process to make high-quality products available at lower prices.

Adding analytic, legal and financial skills to what he’d learned from his father, Jeffrey began to re-think production processes and designs in order to create private label shaving and oral care products.

Today, Tella-Tech is the manufacturer and distributor of ReliaDent® branded oral care products, ReliaShave™ shaving products and DaVinci™ personal care products, with a customer base that includes some of the largest retailers in the world.